Teach Your Children The Real Meaning of Christmas

And Ye Shall Be BLessed

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nativity Scenes are part of US

People put up Nativity scenes for Faith, Hope and Answered Prayers, ect.

 But, Idiots like the ACLU have them taken down outside of City Halls and/or Fire Departments. Just Last week in Charleston, SC a Fire Department had to take theirs down because some idiot said it offended them ?? Offended How ??

Look the other way if your a Devil Worshipper. Because God has a place for ya.

This Country should Ban Idiots from thinking and Worshipping the Devil.
They should be Banned not us.

Anyhow, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and may God Bless Us all.
And Happy Birthday to our Savior Christ Jesus.


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